co Why Do Visitors Leave Your Site? |

One of the most important metrics for any website owner is the bounce rate. Is your bounce rate too high? If so then you’ll want to take steps quickly to fix that.

A high bounce rate could be an indicator of a number of bad elements on your website, all of which are fixable. It could mean:

  • You have a poorly designed website. Web design is very important as visitors will judge you on the basis of how attractive your website is. It’s sad, but it’s true. If you have a high bounce rate and find visitors leaving your site before moving on to the second page then ask yourself if you have design issues.
  • Your content might not be that great. Believe it or not, visitors didn’t show up to your site to look at the pictures. Your content has to be compelling. Otherwise, they will leave. Are you keeping your site visitors’ interest?
  • Weak calls to action. A strong call to action can lead to sales, and will if you offer something people want. But a weak call to action, or no call to action, will drive visitors away fast.

The good news is you can fix all of these issues. You don’t have to settle for a high bounce rate. Fix what is wrong with your website and watch your visitors stick around longer.