co Inexpensive PR For Small Businesses |

Small business PR doesn’t have to be expensive. Many small business entrepreneurs never take advantage of the opportunities they have to expand their network and marketing opportunities through public relations either because they are under the false impression that their small budget cuts them out of the same benefits that the big companies get or they just don’t have the time to think about it. Let’s put in a nip in the bud of both of these false impressions right now.

First, good PR does not have to be expensive. You are not IBM or Burger King. Focus on the things that you do best and let a PR professional show you some easy, inexpensive ways you can get good PR.

For starters, you can include a media section on your own website (you do have a website, don’t you?). We call it a media kit.

An online media kit is an easy way to invite members of the press to find out more about you. You can include your bio and any positive news stories about your company in your online media kit. If you local media find it easy to contact you then you’ll get more calls from them, more interviews, and more free press exposure.

As far as time goes, if you just take 15 minutes a day to think of ways that you can increase your public relations exposure and devote 1 hour per week for implementation then you can have a solid PR strategy going within just a couple of months. Don’t let lack of time and a small budget hold you back from taking advantage of the benefits that other, bigger companies are getting. You deserve them too.