co Is Video Marketing More About Video Or Marketing? |

You’ve considered video marketing, but you’re not quite sure how to approach it. Is it about marketing or is it about video production? It’s not as stupid a question as you might think.

Many online marketers – even small businesses – are using video to their advantage. They are engaged in video marketing, but they aren’t spending thousands of dollars producing high quality video products that are designed as massive marketing campaigns. It isn’t high gloss.

That’s not to say the videos aren’t high quality. Many of them are. They just aren’t high gloss. In other words, no paid actors with rehearsed smooth talk, no scripts, no elaborate stage sets; in other words, they aren’t video “productions”. They are video messages designed to aid the small business owner to enter into a relationship with prospects through multimedia images where body language can be interpreted as much as anything else. We’re talking about friendly productions that are real and offer real communication from one person to another, not some hyped up marketing message delivered by a paid actor.

If this sounds like you then video marketing is a good way to go. Just don’t jump in without a plan.