co 3 Article Marketing Strategy Tips |

Article marketing is one of the oldest forms of online marketing and it still works. There are really two ways to conduct article marketing and both have their advantages and disadvantages. You can write article and mass distribute them or write unique articles and submit them one by one to blogs and websites until someone approves them. I recommend using both strategies if possible.

But those aren’t your own two options. Here are three article marketing strategies you can employ today:

  • Article Mass Distribution – Write an article and send it out to 10 or more article directories. Make sure the article is a unique article that will not trigger duplicate content filters. Distribute the article through article directories like EzineArticles or through article distribution services like iSnare, but get it out there.
  • Single Publisher Distribution – Many article marketers are now writing unique articles and distributing them through one single publisher. Make sure your article is unique and offers high quality content. Settle for nothing less. If you do this then you’ll have no problem getting your article published.
  • Blog Your Articles – Another method of getting your articles out there for marketing is to set up a blog and you can publish your own articles on your blog. Put the blog on a web domain of its own and use it to build back links to your other web properites. You can even take guest authors on this blog.

Article marketing is far from dead. It is very much alive and if you produce enough high quality articles over time you can make yourself a real expert in your niche.