co How A Small Business Brands Itself Online |

Branding is one of the most important concepts, online or off. A small business marketer needs to understand how to position itself online for branding and marketing position. Here are some tools for you to use in branding and how to make them most effective:

  • Your website – First, the obvious one. This is your online hub. The place where everything begins and where everything else leads back to. Make it your own, give it some personality, a logo, a message, and purpose.
  • Your blog – Next to your website, your blog is the most important piece of real estate you own online. You want it to match your website in appearance and writing style. Communicate with your customers and potential customers. Start a conversation.
  • E-mail marketing – E-mail marketing keeps people in the loop. If your e-mails are designed to look like your website and blog then you’ll build up better credibility.
  • Twitter – Twitter allows you to design a background for your tweet stream. Make it look like your website and blog. You are branding yourself and Twitter can be another way to make your branding stick.
  • Social media – Social media allows you to take your conversation beyond your own web properties and across the web. Keep it consistent with the conversation going on at your blog. If possible, design your social media profiles to look like your website.

These are the basics of your online branding. These tools can help get you going on the right path. It all starts with your website and logo. Those are the two most important online branding tools you have.