co Video Marketing: An Agent Of Trust |

Online marketers are extremely interested in building trust. In fact, if you don’t build trust among your readership you will likely not make money online. Video marketing is the perfect tool for building trust.

Text is one dimensional. In order to build trust you have to go to great lengths to convince people that you are not a scam artist, or worse. That’s why so many sales letter are so long. The writer is trying to appeal to as many personalities as possible in as many ways as possible. He is trying to cover all his bases.

Audio also has its weaknesses. While you can use voice and tone to achieve an element of trust, you can’t rely on the most common form of communication – body language. It’s no secret that most of the clues people receive in everyday communication are visual. Body language provides receivers the majority of those clues. And that’s why video marketing is picking up speed.

The best way to build trust online is to use videos in your marketing. This gives site visitors a chance to evaluate your body language and see if they want to trust you. I think we are now entering the age of video marketing.