co The Most Difficult Web Design Issue For Small Businesses |

What is the most important web design issue facing small businesses? Is it content development, site navigation, logo design, keyword management? No. It’s none of those.

Most small businesses struggle the most with using web site design as a branding tool. It’s one of the most important aspects of web design, but it can also be one of the biggest pains for a small business trying to keep up with the larger competition. How do you manage it?

Branding is a real challenge for most small businesses anyway, but in terms of web design it can get sticky. How much design should you use? What elements show go into your web page? Which elements will you use over and over again from page to page? These can be hard questions to answer.

I’m not trying to minimize the difficulty of other aspects of web design, but using it to brand your business is a bold step and a necessary one. For more information on web site design services and branding, visit Small Business Mavericks.