co Strategic Plans Just As Necessary For Online Businesses |

Traditional marketing for small business is just as effective for online businesses as it is for offline businesses. The core of any decent marketing program is a strategic plan than acts as a blueprint for each step.

Strategic plans are not new. They have been one of the laws of the business jungle when it comes to bricks and mortar businesses. For some reason, once we start to build an online business we throw away business practices that have been effective for hundreds of years.

Whilst it’s true that online businesses are different to offline businesses, many of those practices still apply. Putting together a strategic approach is one of them.

You know your business. That includes knowing your product and customer base. Putting together a strategic plan is not difficult – what seems to be difficult is the follow through. I have seen many business plans for online businesses, however most have been filed away and forgotten. If they had been followed, many of these businesses would have been far more successful.

Marketing is one area that is a little different. However, many of those traditional marketing for small business practices still apply. Do you have a strategic plan> If you do, do you ever read it to see if you’re on track? I bet many don’t!