co Is Your Sales Letter Converting? |

The most important thing to know about sales letters is that they must convert. A sales letter that doesn’t convert traffic into sales is like a school bus that stays parked. It’s job is to deliver children to school. If it isn’t doing that then its purpose isn’t being fulfilled. Is your sales letter’s purpose being fulfilled?

There are many ways to write a sales letter. There’s not just one way. But the strange thing about sales letters is that two of them written in the same manner could have diametrically different results. One can convert extremely well while the other flops. That’s because there’s no magical formula for writing them.

But there are proven techniques that work on most types of sales letters. If you employ the right techniques then you can get creative in the delivery. The bottom line is knowing your market and what appeals to them. If you can hit the right hot buttons then your sales letter will convert. It takes study, practice, and persistence. If you are having trouble writing your own sales letters then perhaps you need to hire a professional.