co Are You In Continuous Improvement Mode? |

One of the most important principles in business is to always be improving. Whether you are discussing bottom line concerns, marketing, product development, or customer service, continuous improvement should be your motto, or at least on your mind.

Companies to seek to improve their services and their processes while focusing on the customer are the companies that seem to make it in the marketplace. That’s not to say that these companies achieve perfection. In many cases, they are far from perfect. Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Dell just to name a few. We can all point to their weaknesses, but we know that these companies are continuously striving to be better. That’s how they come out on top and stay there for a long time.

Small businesses can learn from their larger counterparts when it comes to a strategy for continued improvement. Have you talked to your customers lately? Know what they want?

There are a variety of ways to stay in contact with your customers and to solicit feedback on your products, services, and processes. Especially online. But if you hope to be a leader in your field then continuous improvement needs to be on your lips every day. Don’t just speak it. Do it.