co Does Your Web Developer Know SEO? |

There are two people who are essential for your web development team. Do without one of them and you’ll almost ensure your website fails. The first person you should employ on your website development team is a web developer. I’m talking about a developer, not a designer.

While a web designer can be a good asset, a web developer is essential. The developer will have a more in-depth understanding and knowledge of website code than a designer. The designer is all about looking pretty. Your web developer is concerned about site attractiveness, but he is also concerned with functionality. If he is any good at his job, user friendliness is always at the forefront of his mind.

While your web developer is concerned about your site visitors’ experience, he may not understand SEO all too well. That’s his weakness. And it’s also the reason you need to employ that second person on your team. The SEO.

The SEO is very important because he is going to help your web pages rank for their important keywords. Occasionally, your SEO and your web developer are the same person, but if they’re not then they need to be able to work closely together so that they develop a website that is both functional and optimized for web traffic. Ideally, your website will meet these three objectives:

  1. Functional
  2. Attractive
  3. Well optimized

If it falls behind on one of these objectives then there is a weak link on your web development team. Where is it?