co What's More Important – Faster RSS Or More Security? |

Andy Beal nailed WordPress pretty hard. And he actually makes a pretty good point. Until WordPress works to make its blogging platform more secure so that users don’t have to upgrade every two weeks the fact that you can now have immediate RSS delivery to ONE news reader is a bit irrelevant. Still, RSSCloud or not, I think it is important to upgrade to the latest issue of WordPress. There is a nasty worm going around and it’s not just a scare tactic.

When you see enough blogs get hacked and the blogging platform in need of re-uploading and re-uploading then you’ll value the necessity of the upgrades. Is it annoying that these upgrades come so suddenly and often with WordPress? Yes. But I like having a blog, don’t you?

If you have a WordPress blog I’d encourage you to upgrade to the latest version and if you are more than a couple of versions behind, you’d better upgrade in a hurry.