co Who Is Your Ideal Customer? |

When it comes to marketing, one of the most important questions you’ll ask yourself is, “Who is my ideal customer?” This is an important question because that’s who you should be marketing your services toward. Everything you do should be targeted toward your ideal customer, but there are some basics to get out of the way before you start marketing. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are there enough people that fit my ideal customer profile to make marketing toward that audience worthwhile?
  • If I can snag just 2% of that defined market, what price point would I need to make a full-time living? Is that possible?
  • Where does my ideal customer hang out? What websites does she visit?
  • What does my ideal customer read?
  • Who are my ideal customer’s friends?
  • What values does my ideal customer hold?
  • What is the best way to build rapport with my ideal customer?

Answering these questions can give you some clue as to whether or not you should pursue your business plans. You may need to tweak your plan based on the answers to these questions. If capturing just 2% of your target audience couldn’t possibly earn you the money you want to earn then you may not have a broad enough audience. How do you fix that?

The goal is to know your ideal customer. You have to know as much about her as you can so that you know how to reach her and how to communicate with her once you do. How well do you know your ideal customer?