co Are You Ready For M-Commerce? |

With mobile phones thriving, the popularity of iPhone and smartphones, and services like PayPal, you’d think people in the U.S. would be ready for mobile commerce. Not quite. According to Marketing Pilgrim, we’re still lagging behind many countries in the area of mobile e-commerce.

Jordan McCollum points out that there are companies working on providing a secure mobile commerce solution and one of them is Facebook. And she also points out that other companies like Visa, Master Card, and Nokia are moving in that direction as well. But, sadly, there is no mention of PayPal in her article at all. Why not?

You’d think that the leader in Internet pay services would be on the forefront of this emerging technology, but it appears that PayPal isn’t even on the radar screen. And neither are their primary competitors.

It does cause one to wonder just who will emerge the main conduit of mobile commerce – once that is as acceptable as purchasing over the Internet. Even still, there are privacy and security concerns still lingering over e-commerce as a whole. Why should we expect those concerns to falter with M-commerce?