co Should You Hire A Public Relations Agency? |

When it comes to public relations, should you do it yourself or hire a PR firm?

Many small business owners make the mistake of trying to do it themselves. It’s not that they aren’t smart people. And it isn’t that they couldn’t handle the work. The real issue for most small business people is that they can’t see their own businesses objectively. It takes a trained eye to be able to step back and ask the hard questions.

One of the requirements of a public relations agency is that they have a good slate of relationships already built. Many PR firms are successful at getting the results they want based on those relationships. Do you have established media relationships from which to draw to gain the leverage you need to drum up publicity? If not then you should hire a professional.

PR firms do a lot of behind the scenes type of work that a small business owner can’t do for herself, or that she may not know she should do. There’s more to effective public relations that just writing a press release. And if you don’t have experience at running a successful public relations campaign from the ground up, perhaps you should hang up the hat and hire a firm after all.