co How Personal URLs Can Make Marketing Online More Effective |

People love to see their name in print. In fact, they love it when someone gives them real bona fide attention. That’s why response rates for direct mail pieces that use personal names as a salutation are so much higher than generic sales letters. Make it personal and you can expect better results.

Now you can personalize your online marketing efforts unlike anything else before. This is better than using the personal name in an e-mail brochure. You can actually send your prospects to their very own personal URL right on your website. And customize the landing page to suit that prospects known interests. What a concept!

Microsites have been in use for some time. They are very effective. What they do is offer a product or service on a 1-3 page website. All you have to do is drive traffic to the site and take orders. A personal URL works pretty much the same way. You’ll get an URL that looks like this:

That’s it. Take a survey, event registrations, make special offers based on preferences, or perform any other marketing function that you’d ordinarily perform in other, more traditional forms of marketing. The time for the personal URL has come.

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