co Content Sites Are King |

According to WebProNews, the majority of Internet users spend more time on content sites (like than social media sites. Should we be surprised?

It may come as a shock considering that social media has been in the news so much in the last few years. First, MySpace captured everyone’s attention, then it was Facebook and YouTube, but this year has been the year of Twitter. Still, with all the social media hype going around, Internet users still prefer content sites over the social networks. So how can we use that information?

Well, first, it’s by a thin margin. We’re talking 53.1% preferring content sites over social media. That means that social media is still a powerful opportunity for small business owners trying to reach their preferred markets, if they know how to reach them through the media. But that doesn’t mean that online marketers should give up on content sites. In fact, the lesson here is to use both content sites and social media in a comprehensive online marketing plan that is designed to reach the right market for your product or service.