co News Flash: Content Is NOT King |

If you’ve been online for a year or more you’ve likely heard someone yell out in a crowded theater, “Content is king!”

OK, if you don’t go to crowded theaters then you may not have that. There. But you’ve heard it somewhere. But here’s the news. Content is NOT king. According to Carl Ocab.

Actually, Carl makes a good point. Marketing is Numero Uno. And content is a part of marketing. I agree with this, of course.

It’s been this way since the beginning of advertising. Ever since the first cave dwelling brochure, written in hieroglyphs, of course, marketers have been the king of the world. They do their best work through content. But it’s the marketing that wins the prize.

So, do you have a marketing plan? Does it include great content? Talk to someone who can make it happen.