co Is It Time To Start Targeting Bing? |

Bing entered the search field with the usual pomp that Microsoft likes to display and by all accounts it is doing well. There have been several studies done comparing Bing to Google, Yahoo! and Bing’s predecessors and most of these studies put it ahead of everything except Google. One report from Marketing Pilgrim indicated that Bing was doing better than Google when it came to travel, retail and finance.

The latest study, published on Cuil, suggests that Bing has a particular liking for large sites, keywords in URL’s and keywords with the first letter capitalized. They are all interesting observations so it begs the question, if you are in a travel, retail of finance niche, should you be targeting Bing.

It would be interesting to see if a site from one of these niches started to rank higher in Bing if they were tweaked that little bit to suit its apparent preferences. Capitalizing the first letter of keywords and ensuring URLs were optimized with keywords.  It would also be interesting to see what if any change there was in the ranking within Google after tweaking.

Bing is still young and is still going through a settling in stage. If Bing makes any inroads into Google’s traffic you can be sure Google will react to try and stop Bing’s progress. In the meantime, if you are from one of those niches, you could perhaps doing a little tweaking to see if there is any gain. Let us know if there is?