co Is Your Content Shareable? |

With social media marketing taking on a bigger role, the need to understand some of the many principles becomes more important. Social by its very definition involves other people. Whilst marketing is something you want to control, the social aspect takes away some of that control.

One area of social marketing that does remove control from your fingertips is its ability to share content. However, not only is this necessary, it is something you need to encourage – hence the title, is your content shareable.

There are two components to shareable content. The first, and most important, is having content that is worth sharing. If your content is not worth sharing then no matter what you do, it’s going nowhere. The second component is providing a means to share your content. I am sure you have seen the bookmark buttons around the blogging world. Place on of them prominently on every page – if your content is worth sharing, that’s is where many people start.

Provide worthwhile content that is worth sharing along with a means to share that content. The let others take care of some of your social marketing for you – it couldn’t be easier.