co Hook Readers With Titles That Promise – Then ???? |

Copyblogger has a good guide on how to write titles that can hook your readers. It’s a good guide and well worth reading.  Good titles help to attract readers. Whether it is a bookmark or an RSS feed, sometimes the only information available to a prospective reader is that title so you have to make it count. This is particularly true if you want to attract new visitors, and who doesn’t.

Don’t be fooled by some of the hype surrounding page titles. They are important and they do provide the hook that brings visitors in. However, you have to deliver when it comes to content and that content has to be written in the voice that is suited to the occasion.

What is important is that your title offers the reader something. Sometimes titles don’t offer anything, in fact they tell the whole story. The heading to this post could have been – Hook Readers With Titles That Promise – Then Deliver. You would not be reading this line now if I had – the whole story was in the title.

Provide a reason for someone to come visiting, then satisfy that reason. If they visitors leaves thinking, that was worth the visit – they will return. If they leave thinking the visit was a waste of time – they won’t return. Your catchy title may get them once, you might event get them twice, but if your content doesn’t deliver, don’t expect to get them a third time.