co Social Media Marketing, Facebook and Rogue Applications |

Following a story on Trend Micro I can only advise on thing if you are using Facebook as part of your marketing strategy – don’t accept applications that you know nothing about.  There have been almost a dozen rogue applications discovered over the past week and all eventually lead to phishing sites.

The problem with these applications is that they act like an authentic Facebook action. Unfortunately, once activated, they send spam to all of your contacts, in your name, and linking to a phishing site. When it comes to reputation management, an email in your name that links to these sites can nothing but harm to your reputation. As Trend Micro point out:

….both malicious applications use the same graphical icon to identify themselves. The icon itself has been lifted from the very familiar and entirely trustworthy Facebook Wall application which most users will be used to seeing in their notifications on a regular basis, adding further surface credibility to the attack.

Because these apps use trustworthy Facebook applications, they can easily fool the unwary. However, as I stated in my opening paragraph, the easiest solution is to not install applications unless you really need them. They may seem innocuous, an 98% of them are, however, there is that 2% that are not and they are the ones that can hurt you and your reputation in the long run.

Social media marketing is becoming the next ‘big thing in internet marketing’. It could also become the mode that many phishing sites use to spread their harm. Protect yourself and by doing so you are protecting your contacts, and your reputation.