co PPC For Small Businesses Using The Alternate Search Engines |

Whilst the major search engines get most of the traffic, there can be a lot of value in looking at the smaller search engines when it comes to PPC for small businesses. The advantage of using a search engine like Google is the depth of coverage available. You not only have PPC ads in the search results pages, you can have your ads displayed on other web pages and blogs.

Smaller search engines don’t have that depth. But what they lack in depth can be covered by the quality of the traffic generated. There are a lot lesser known search engines that provide PPC advertising – here is a short list:

  • Marchex – Provides reasonable traffic they claim to increase your ROI
  • ABCSearch -  Another that claims increased ROI
  • SearchFeed – This search engine allows you to geo target 11 countries – handy if you want your ads restricted to a particular region
  • 7Search – Smaller than those above but is gaining in reputation
  • MIVA – Not really a search engine but it has one of the best reputations for providing quality traffic with a good conversions rate.

There are many other PPC options, a search through one of the search engines will help you find them. You can often find that your cost per click is much less using one of the smaller PPC options. Before dumping Google or one of the other major PPC search engines, do some research, perhaps run a small low trial to compare costs , click through rates and conversions.

PPC for small businesses often needs to look at alternates in order to find value for money. Test out the smaller PPC options – you have nothing lose and everything to gain.