co Reputation Assassins Need Reputation Management Too |

The king of online reputation management, Andy Beal, is now turning on Dave Carroll, a musician who used a viral video to teach United Airlines a very important lesson in reputation management and the use of social media in customer relations.

Says Beal:

The follow-up doesn’t teach us, or United, any new lessons, but obviously Carroll’s not going to give up his 15-minutes of fame so quickly.

Could this stint backfire on Caroll? It well could. If the music listening public thinks he is simply trying to milk his situation for fame and to advance his career then there could be a backlash, or people could simply not buy his albums or attend his concerts. Viewers of the popular TV show “The Bachelorette” this past season got a sense of this when a musician by the name of Wes Hayden lasted for a long time on the show even though he had a girlfriend back home. His only interest in joining the show was to advance his music career.

Fans of the show were not endeared to Wes even as he carried out his charade. They were happy to see him go. I’m sure his music career didn’t take off like a jet plane when it was all over.

What’s the point? If you have a legitimate complaint and you’ve tried to work it out with a company through their customer service channels, feel free to badger them with social media. You’ll likely meet with success. But once the company has responded and given an indication that they’ve learned their lesson, it’s time to leave well enough alone. If you take beating up on bad customer service reps too far, you’ll end up needing your own brand of reputation management. Then you might as well just be a scumbag – like Wes Hayden.