co Watch Videos On Twitter Without Leaving The Service |

Now here’s a story worth repeating. Videosurf, a video search engine, has introduced a Firefox add-on that allows you to watch videos on Twitter without actually leaving Twitter. Cool tool.

If you’re not familiar with Firefox, it’s a competing browser to Internet Explorer. It’s a bit more powerful than IE and that’s why a lot of developers and Internet marketers use it. They can actually develop their own tools for use with Firefox. And many do.

Before Videosurf’s cool new Firefox add-on, you could watch videos from Twitter, but you had to click a link and take a chance that you weren’t being catapulted to a risky website. Now, if you have the Firefox add-on, you can watch the video right there in your Twitter stream. A video slideshow will popup in your Twitter stream and you can watch the video without leaving Twitter or taking unnecessary risks with malware on another site.