co A Quick And Cheap Way To Find Prospects For Your Business Offline |

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to prospect for new clients in your local area without using the Internet, there is an old-fashioned way of prospecting that requires nothing more than a phone book – the Yellow Pages. Take them out of the attic, they are still useful!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Open up the Yellow Pages to the business category that fits the profile of the clientele you want to do business with
  2. Scan the ads in that section of the Yellow Pages to see who has purchased the quarter page ads or larger
  3. Circle all the large ads with a big red marker
  4. Compile a list of businesses whose ads you circled – include name of business, type of business, address, and phone number
  5. Send a personal letter to the business owner asking for a meeting to show them what you can do for them
  6. Follow up with a phone call

Note that this works best for business-to-business professionals. If you target consumers then the Yellow Pages won’t help you. But many B2C businesses use the White Pages as a cold call list. The Yellow Pages can help you plant a seed in your local community by targeting known paid advertisers of a certain business type.