co Meet The President, Internet Marketer Extraordinaire |

I read this article about President Obama with wide-eyed interest. You don’t have to be a fan of the president to realize that he knows how to use New Media to his advantage. He won his election largely based on his ability to connect with a wide audience, including young, hip Internet-savvy voters. You could call him the Internet marketing president.

He certainly is in the public eye more than any other president in recent history. A part of that has to do with his Internet strategy. He leaves nothing to chance.

His administration has become adept at using Flickr and YouTube to connect with the American people directly. Many of his news items are as a result of this direct connection, unlike other presidents of the past who were forced to use sound bites and court the national press corps. This president can speak directly to the American people without going through the press. And that’s to his credit.

Small businesses interested in marketing online can take a few notes from President Obama. He knows how to deliver his message through a medium that is as powerful and resilient as he is. I hope you’re taking notes.