co What Makes Good Copywriting? |

At the heart of every piece of copy that sells is one thing, and trust me when I say it isn’t good writing. That one thing, if you copy has it, will do more to sell your product or service than all the great writing in the world. Do you know what it is? Well, do you?

It’s real simple. The answer is (drumroll) …


That’s it. Simple. Right?

The most important part of your copywriting is to build rapport with your readers, but not just any reader. You’ve got to build rapport with the right reader. The right reader for your product or service.

Let’s say you are building a website that sells green widgets and you know the only people in the world who would have any use for green widgets are red midgets. If you write your content to sell green widgets to anybody other than red midgets, you can have the best copy in the world and it won’t matter. You might make a few sales, but you’re targeting the wrong audience. On the other hand, write mediocre content that connects with red midgets – I mean content that really appeals to their deepest need – and you’ll sell a lot of those green widgets.

Think about that the next time you write a web page. Appeal to the right audience and build rapport. It’s the most important thing to remember about good copywriting.