co Is Bizwiki Just Another No-Good Directory? |

According to the About page of the new business directory Bizwiki, they want to be like DMOZ and Wikipedia. But is that feasible and what would it take?

I suppose it is feasible, but a better question is, will they do it? What would it take for this new wiki upstart to become the premier business website directory? First, it will take a lot of participation. With wiki technology, participation means adding and editing content.

With most web directories, the owner of a website has to submit their site information and it’s either approved or disapproved by directory administrative staff. With a wiki, anyone can edit it. So you, or a local person who cares, can start an account and become an editor. Then that person could go through the phone book and list every business in their area. Since Bizwiki is a brand new website, you could get in on the ground floor. Now is the time before other people beat you to it.

I don’t really know about Bizwiki’s ambitions, but the site looks fairly decent. It doesn’t appear to have a lot of information right now, but it’s gaining soon. If you have a local small business you want to promote, Bizwiki could be another opportunity.