co Twitter As A Branding Tool |

Twitter is more than just a social media website. It’s great for making new connections, building new friendships, marketing your business and its products, and all sorts of other wonderful communication strategies, but it can also be used as a branding tool.

GoDaddy, the hosting company that I use, now offers webmasters a chance to look up the Twitter name for any domain name they register to see if that Twitter name is available. If it is, you can register it through GoDaddy.

For instance, if you buy the domain name then GoDaddy will look for a Twitter name that is compatible with that domain name. Of course, Twitter has a character limit on names – 14 characters. I thought about this and asked myself, Why would GoDaddy do this?

Actually, it makes good business sense for GoDaddy. But more importantly, why would GoDaddy users want to do it? The answer is branding. If your website is and you have a Twitter account named GoodAtWhatIDo then you have two web space entities with the same name. You can link them together and use them as a branding tool. As your follower count increases on Twitter and you use the service effectively you’ll get more people visiting your website. Eventually they will come to know you by your Twitter name. That’s great branding.