co 3 Ways The Microsoft-Yahoo! Deal Could Affect SEO |

The Microsoft-Yahoo! deal will change a lot of things for a lot people. One thing that will definitely change is SEO. Of course, performing SEO on your website for Google will still be the same, but SEO overall will be a little bit (not much, but a little bit) different.

Here are three ways I think SEO will change in the next few years:

  1. Link popularity will become more difficult to measure – MSN has not been reporting inbound links for some time now. Google doesn’t report them all. The only search engine that has consistently reported inbound links is Yahoo! and they’ve been somewhat inflated. I think that once the deal is complete, MSN will not report any links at all. It will be much more difficult for webmasters to know what their inbound link count is.
  2. Bing will become more competitive and begin to offer some of the same tools that Google has to make the lives of webmasters easier. Webmaster Tools is one of them. Imagine having one account at Google and one at Bing just so you can know how to present your information to both of the leading search engines. It will make SEO a little bit more time-intensive, but easier overall.
  3. Bing will become as much a haven for spam as Google is. Since Bing is much better now for SEO than MSN Live ever was and since they are acquiring even more market share, they will be a major player in the search market. That will attract more spammers. Soon you will start hearing people complain about Bing spam.

What do you think? How do you think the Microsoft-Yahoo! deal will impact SEO?