co How Not To Send An E-mail RFP |

Everyone wants recognition. And if you do business online and are looking for public relations from bloggers and marketers, there is a right way and a wrong way to approach them. Actually, there are several right ways and several wrong ways.

SEOmoz recently wrote a funny post about an e-mail proposal that missed the mark. And it was really so elementary that I’m surprised the person looking for marketing help didn’t step up and admit his wrong square in the face. So what the big sin? Simply this: A mass e-mail where all the recipients could be seen by each other.

Huge No-No!

The No. 1 cardinal rule for e-mail proposals is this – make them personal and individualized.

If you are going to approach any number of people and ask for a quote or estimate or publicity of some kind, any kind of assistance or partnership, don’t send out an impersonal mass e-mail. That’s just plain tacky. Find out who the contact person is, by name and title, and address your e-mail to that individual. Also, send each person a separate e-mail. And don’t expect people to jump through hoops for status or money. That’s not what business is about. It’s about relationships so build good ones right from the start.