co The Most Important Thing About Social Media |

Back on the social media marketing kick. An article about the future of social media had this little paragraph in it:

5. Frequency matters just as much as content: Blogging once a month or writing a tweet once every week or posting a FB status once every other day is not the way to grow your visibility. All marketing activities require frequency, consistency, and long-term effort. You wouldn’t expect one advertisement in the Detroit Free Press to generate leads immediately or ongoing. Similarly, online marketing requires consistent, frequent, and long-term effort.

When it comes to any type of marketing, this is the most important principle to know. Frequency and consistency are more important than almost anything else. If you just run one ad and never run another you will likely not see any results. But if you run an ad over and over again in front of the same eyes then eventually someone will call you. People will generally not act on something until they’ve seen it at least seven times. That’s an old marketing adage and it still rings true – even online, and even with social media.

So whether you Twitter, update Facebook, network on LinkedIn, blog, or use another form of social media, remember to do it often and keep doing it. Frequency. Consistency. Nothing beats it.