co Hey Twitterer, Maybe You're Not As Popular As You Think You Are |

For the past couple of days Twitterers have been seeing their follower counts dropping like flies. And I know the reason why. Twitter has been updating its records and dropping the spammers. I say it’s about time.

Seriously, this is something that probably every social media website should do. While many people got upset about losing followers, it was encouragement to me. I consider it a positive that Twitter cares enough to get rid of the problem accounts. Spammers are people who ruthlessly pursue followers, but who provide no real value to their stream or to the club. And they bog down the system with useless come-on tweets. So it’s only right that they should be gone.

Some accounts evidently lost thousands of such followers. Well, if you were one of those then I feel sorry for your loss, but it’s just another opportunity to go looking for more cool people to connect with. Twitter’s a great tool if you know how to use it. And if you don’t, there’s a guide.