co Your Mailing List: The Most Important Tool In Your Marketing Bucket |

When it comes to online marketing there is no tool more important and more powerful than your e-mail list. I’m not just talking about for sending out your newsletter either. I’m talking about the list itself. It’s the most powerful tool you have.

There’s a reason they say “there’s money in the list”. That’s because for every name and e-mail address you capture you have the potential to put more money in the bank. How much money depends on what you have to offer and its price point, but without a list you have no one to market to. Sure, you can blog and build websites, but at some point you need to capture names and e-mail addresses so you can stay in touch and build a relationship with that list. That relationship is what is going to make your money.

There are, of course, different ways to use an e-mail list. You can send out a periodic newsletter, and you should, but quick, short e-mail blasts in between issues can often convert better than the newsletter itself. That’s because the blast comes from a recognized individual, but it’s unexpected. The unexpected e-mail can generate more interest simply because it sparks enough interest to warrant a read. If the e-mail message is written well enough to elicit a response then it’s money in the bank.

The most important marketing tool you have is your e-mail list. Are you developing it?