co The E-book War Is Well Underway – Are You In? |

Barnes and Noble recently announced the opening of an online store for e-books. This puts the largest brick and mortar bookstore in direct competition with Amazon’s Kindle, which has been all the buzz for e-books the last couple of years. The bright side to Barnes and Noble’s offering is that you’ll be able to read e-books on any device – except a Kindle. That’s a pretty good selling point.

Even better, if you are a small business person looking to expand your business and catch a few extra sales with a solid product, why not write an e-book? It looks like the market is ready for it.

A year ago, if you wrote a book you could get it listed on Amazon and format your book for the Kindle and perhaps catch a few extra sales. My bet is, once Barnes and Noble gets its e-book business grinding, the opportunities will only increase. E-books could very well be the next marketing fad – right behind video and social media, of course. But I’m betting that savvy marketers will find ways to incorporate e-books into their video and social media marketing efforts. You should too.