co A Microsoft-Yahoo Deal Could Be Good For Small Businesses |

It looks like Microsoft and Yahoo! are about to close a deal that may lead to Microsoft owning Yahoo!s search business and sharing the revenue with Yahoo! for a number of years. I have a few observations about this:

  1. Microsoft, with Bing, has already proven itself more adept at search as well as more interested in pursuing a real competitive stance in that arena.
  2. The partnership could mean close to 30% market share for Microsoft, which would put them in the competitive ballpark.
  3. Microsoft and Yahoo! seem to serve the same demographic so it may be a great match.

According to HitWise as reported by WebProNews, about 24% of Yahoo!s search business, and 20% of Bing’s, is in the small business/retail category. Here are the numbers:

  • Yahoo! Computers/Internet 22.2%
  • Yahoo! Entertainment 13.5%
  • Yahoo! Shopping and Classifieds 13%
  • Yahoo! Business and Finance 11%
  • Yahoo! Education 6.1%
  • Yahoo! News 5.9%

  • Microsoft Computers/Internet 27.8%
  • Microsoft Entertainment 13.4%
  • Microsoft Shopping and Classifieds 11.7%
  • Microsoft Business and Finance 9.6%
  • Microsoft Education 5.1%
  • Microsoft News 6.6%

Now do you think this will be a good partnership? Will be good for search?