co Local Internet Marketing Can Learn A Lot From Offline Marketing |

There are hundreds of thousand of small businesses that have both an online and an offline presence. Most have not undertaken any local internet marketing at all. You will often hear the term ‘bricks and mortar’ business. These are the businesses that are set up with an actual building where customers can visit and buy or deal directly. There are probably ten times that number that have a bricks and mortar business and no online business. There is a lot to be learned from the traditional forms of marketing used by those bricks and mortar businesses.

The humble business card has to be one of the most under utilized resources around. Do you have a business card? Do you use it? Business cards were popular for a reason. They are small yet contain a wealth of information. For online marketers, a business card that highlights your business along with your email address and web site urls is a must.

If you are selling products that require mailing, attach a business card to the invoice – you will be surprised how cards are retained at the receiving end. Business cards are not the only channel used. Letters, invoices, envelopes, in fact, any stationary used by your business should have your online details on display.

How does this relate to local online marketing? Your customers may not be aware you have a blog, or a secondary website, or even your email address. There are times when your customers cannot even remember the url of a product they have purchased, which is a problem for you if they are recommending the product. Having a business card makes life much easier, your customer just passes the business card on, effectively continuing the marketing for you.

Local internet marketing can still learn from what has worked offline in the past. Whilst we now live in what has been dubbed the electronic age, some paper based marketing still works effectively.