co Can BingTweets Assist Small Businesses? |

Microsoft’s latest project, BingTweets, looks promising. In its current iteration it’s a little bit limited, but the idea and innovation is strong. In partnership with Federated Media, Microsoft combined search results from Bing with Twitter trends and even includes a search box for Twitter at the top of the page. While not exactly real-time search, it’s just a step away.

But even better, small businesses can use BingTweets in several ways to get the most out of Bing and Twitter. You can actually perform a simultaneous search for the latest information on any topic on both Twitter and Bing. While it may be debatable whether or not Bing’s search results are as good as Google’s, it is not debatable that they’ve improved their search results tremendously since this time last year. And by including Twitter in the search results along with Bing, well, that just makes Bing all the better.

Now the only question is, how can your small business make good use of this tool for marketing purposes?