co Public Relations Tips From Entrepreneur Magazine |

Entrepreneur Magazine is always very helpful. I like the tips they offer for small businesses and big businesses alike. But these 10 tips for great public relations are absolutely essential for any business to keep in mind. Here they are in summary:

  1. Know your market.
  2. Identify the product benefits relevant to your market
  3. Establish your product as unique.
  4. Source and use testimonials.
  5. Target the media used by your target market.
  6. Prepare your press release to be used as is.
  7. Sell your release.
  8. Follow up.
  9. Keep in contact.
  10. Use a photograph.

Some of these are self explanatory. Some of them will require you to read the article to get the full grasp of it. And all of them were right on the money, essential elements in effective public relations. But I want to discuss one particular item just briefly. No. 5.

Target the media used by your target market.

Whether you are advertising or sending out press releases, this is absolutely essential. There is no sense in starting a relationship with an editor or publisher that won’t benefit you. And if your target market isn’t going there then neither should you. I find so many business owners making this mistake. Your just wasting your time. You should really take the time to study the market and learn where your target market hangs out. Then hang out in the same places.

PR: wait… I: wait… L: wait… LD: wait… I: wait… wait… Rank: wait… Traffic: wait… Price: wait… C: wait…