co Why Conversational Marketing Is The Best Kind Of Business Writing |

Business writing is different to other types of writing. Even between technical and non-technical types of writing, there are some differences. Writing marketing content for businesses requires a special eye and ear. You have to know what makes people tick, what motivates them. What kind of words trigger an emotional response, and what can you do to elicit the type of response that you want from your readers.

Those are all special kinds of knowledge. If you know what motivates people to act a certain way and you can create the circumstances to get them to act that way then you have power. And that’s the kind of power that anyone who writes for business should have.

One special kind of business writing is blogging. When you write a blog post, you are not writing a technical document. It’s a special type of “conversational marketing”. But it is business writing.

Online writing, or marketing, has several different methods of conversational marketing. This kind of business writing is unique in that it isn’t stuffy or overly sophisticated. It’s conversational. And it connects with people because readers get a sense that a real person – someone just like themselves – are writing it. If you write content that makes you sound like an average, run-of-the-mill person who wants to do business with someone and build their trust then you write for business online. It just takes a little discipline.

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