co Facebook Or Twitter: Which Is Better? |

Twitter is getting all the rage right now. But Facebook is bigger. So which is better for the small business?

An article in The Examiner explores this question and comes down on the side of Facebook. The arguments are certainly compelling, but I’m not completely convinced.

It’s not that I have a dislike for Facebook nor a strong enough liking for Twitter that I’d be biased either way. I’m not even saying that the question boils down to Facebook vs. Twitter. I think it’s a matter of analyzing your business and seeing which one makes more sense for you. Even better, why not use both? Twitter and Facebook are so easily integrated by some of the best apps today that you can update both services simultaneously in very easy steps with the utmost in time management in mind.

That said, let’s look at some of the pros of Facebook and Twitter:


  • Large user base
  • Built in analytics
  • Ability to advertise to a targeted segment
  • Facebook Connect
  • Lots of apps and tools you can use for promotion
  • Some SEO benefits
  • “Viral” potential
  • Local networking made easy


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Mass communication extraordinaire
  • Ability to target users by keyword
  • “Viral” potential – maybe even more than Facebook
  • Great traffic potential even on a small scale
  • Easy geotargeting
  • A ton of apps that plugin to Twitter as opposed to “built-in” by Twitter
  • Accessible developer API
  • Very effective tool for bloggers

You really have to understand the difference between Facebook and Twitter to understand both. Twitter is considered “microblogging”, which implies it has at least a few things in common with blogging. And because of those commonalities, Twitter makes for easy integration with your blog and servers as a great extra promotional tool for bloggers. Facebook, on the other hand, was designed for networking and may or may not be used in conjunction with your blog to achieve marketing effectiveness. The best marketers, even small business marketers, learn how to use both simultaneously and in conjunction with their business goals.