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There is no one who knows as much about local SEO as Matt McGee. This post on SEOing your site for local traffic proves it. At the heart of local SEO is ensuring that your site visitors know how to find you and to do that you need to include local place names on your website. The best place to do that is on your About page or, if you have one, your Directions page. Specifically, Matt recommends:

  • Including your business’s exact address
  • Repeat your street name, city name, and state a couple of times
  • Use both your state name spelled out and the postal abbreviation
  • Mention your specific neighborhood name
  • Use a local landmark

Those are all great suggestions and the example that he uses to illustrate it is this:

XYZ Widgets is located in the Shadow Trails Shopping Center on 4th Avenue in the North Hills area of Happyville, Washington. Our address is 425 4th Avenue, Suite 201, Happyville, WA, 99999.

Additionally, you can include a graphic map pointing out exactly how to find your place as well. You can use Google Maps or the widget that he talks about in his blog post, but I’d recommend a strip map similar to one that you’d draw on a napkin to show people how to find you. Make sure that you label the streets on the map and put a big star, X, or other symbol on the map to show precisely where you are located in relation to local landmarks. Make sure you label your map with a locally SEOd alt tag.

If your business is a rural business then you might include your county or parish and/or township name as well. Include as many details as you can think of to help people know exactly where your business is located. If your main entrance is in the back of the building then include that information in a fashion similar to this:

Use the back entrance facing Canal Street. There is parking on the side of the building near Lake Avenue. Please DO NOT use the front door, which faces Demolition Boulevard.

If you use those kinds of clear descriptions on your Directions page then people will find you much easier and you’ll be SEOing your website for local terms. Also, include your street address in the footer of every page on your website. That will also go a long way to giving you strong local SEO.