co What Do You Expect From A Real-Time Search Engine? |

I found this really cool real-time search engine called Collecta. Except that it isn’t exactly real time. I conducted a search for “internet marketing” and five minutes later it was still scrolling, looking for results.

Collecta claims to search Twitter, Flicker, blogs, and social media sites, but you would think that at 8:40 a.m. CST there would be people talking about Internet marketing somewhere. But Collecta had to think about it. And found 1 result in 6 minutes. Even then, it was hardly related to what I was seeking.

So this prompted me to ask, “What should we expect from a real-time search engine?”

First on my list is speed. I mean, if it’s real time then shouldn’t the results be real time? The story that Collecta took to return for my search query was two hours old. Surely someone had mentioned the term “internet marketing” within the last two hours!

Secondly, accuracy. No matter how fast a search engine is, I want the results to be relevant to my query. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Thirdly, I want it to be deep. I want my search engine (real-time or otherwise) to be able to crawl the deep web. I want to find information that no one else is finding.

What about you? What would you expect from a “real-time” search engine?