co What's The Connection Between Social Media And SEO? |

WebProNews wrote an article in April where Chris Crum interviewed a few SEO/Internet marketing types and asked them how social media and SEO relate. The answers were diverse with a few saying social media is great for link building and some saying it has little to no SEO benefit. Some say that social media is best used as a branding tool. Then there were the specific social media site mentions such as Facebook is not good for SEO and Twitter is, etc. So what’s the answer?

Internet marketers have a tendency to disagree on just about everything. Ask any question and you’ll get ten answers from as many Internet marketers working the Web. SEOs, in particular, have vehement disagreement. One thing they can all agree on, however, is that both SEO and social media are important for Internet marketers.

Personally, I believe social media has all the benefits mentioned – link building, branding, off site marketing, and driving traffic – but it often depends on which social media site you are discussing as to which benefit is most prevalent. Also, how you approach marketing through those sites makes a difference.

To make the most of your social media campaigns, you should first identify what you hope to gain from the campaign and identify which social media sites will deliver those benefits to you. Then you can intelligently choose how to approach your marketing efforts through those media to make the most of the benefits you are seeking. Strategize then monetize.