co How Facebook Is Competing With Twitter |

Twitter has been providing real time communication for a couple of years now. Facebook has flirted with it, but they’ve just upped the stakes. Quite frankly, I like this.

This could very well lead to some stiff competition. Facebook has far more users than Twitter and the ability to use Facebook for real time communication with privacy settings could attract even more users. What’s more, it could lead to some Twitterers abandoning that service to migrate over to Facebook. After all, Twitter is quickly becoming a haven for spammers and not everyone who joins Twitter really dives in and makes the most of it.

Facebook is real social networking. Twitter is being used largely for mass communication, so there is a bit of difference between the two. I still think that savvy marketers will, and should, use both. Even small businesses. The power of local branding can best be ascertained by using the two in combination.