co How To Make Your Blog More Secure |

Security is very important for any Web business or website. If you have a blog that runs on an open source platform like WordPress, it’s even more important. Hackers tend to target open source systems to gain access and do bad things like drop spam files and so on.

If you want to stop spam from entering your comments area then you need to use Akismet, a WordPress plugin that stops 99.9% of the spam that tries to get through. But beyond that, you can make your WordPress blog more secure by using a password that makes it difficult to hack. If you use a simple password that is a dictionary word then you make yourself vulnerable to hacks and attacks. Make your password longer and more difficult to guess.

A good password should consist of numbers, letters, special chacters, and lower and upper case letters. A word like “wordpress” is not enough as that is easy to guess, particularly by a robot that runs through the dictionary automatically guessing passwords. If, instead, you added numbers and characters as well as upper case and lower case letters then you’d have a more secure password. For instance, “W3ord&p2rEss!4” is a lot more secure and more difficult to guess. For every character that you add you make your password exponentially more difficult to crack.

Blog security begins with your password. Make it something that is easy for you to remember but difficult for hackers and robots to guess and you’ll be much more secure.