co Branding: How To Get Your Customers To Think Of You First |

Small business branding is really a simple matter. You may not need to spend thousands of dollars on a huge marketing plan. In fact, spend too much and it will cut into your budget too hard, leaving little room for profit. That’s why many companies opt not to bother with marketing at all. But marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, even for small businesses.

Branding can be as simple as putting your logo on your letterhead. For a rather reasonable fee you can have a graphic artist design you a logo and that’s a one-time fee that allows you to use the same artwork over and over again for the life of your business. That logo will speak volumes about what your business stands for and you want it to be something that will be memorable and recognizable for many years to come. Once you brand yourself in the minds of the people you want to do business with in your local area, it will be difficult for them to forget you. And that’s when you know you’ve done a successful job at branding you business.

Other small business branding practices include simple things like a slogan or tag line that appears on all of your marketing copy, a color that can be associated with your business, a particular style that can be associated with your business and sets you apart from your competition, or anything that establishes you as unique and professional in your niche.

Branding is really all about putting yourself in the minds of your customers so that they remember you even when they aren’t trying to. I’m sure you picture the logos of McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Abercrombie & Fitch, Exxon-Mobile, and a couple dozen other large corporations without much effort. You can do the same thing for your small business with just a little branding effort and the people you want to remember you will, just when they least expect it.