co Your Most Important Small Business Tool Online |

When it comes to online marketing do you know what your most important online tool is? The one for your small business?

Is it your newsletter? Twitter? Facebook, LinkedIn? Google? Nope. None of the above.

The most important small business online marketing tool is a well optimized website. This is particularly true of small businesses that operate in a small geographical area. You are competing against other local businesses – online and off line. Your website is the best tool for reaching prospects online, through the search engines, and through other online marketing vehicles.

Your small business website is your hub, your base of operations for doing business online. Through your hub everything about you should flow, maybe not as a direct conduit, but in some kind of manner. Your social media campaigns should drive traffic to your website. Your website should receive search engine traffic. It should also receive your word of mouth traffic. Your networking traffic. All of your online marketing efforts should drive traffic to your small business website. And that’s why it’s the most important online tool you have. It’s your best sales tool.