co Do You Know Who You Are? |

One of the most important principles in business branding is to know who you are. If you can’t define in a simple sentence who you are and what you have to offer then chances are you won’t be able to brand yourself effectively. Many business owners make the mistake of trying to be all things to all people. That’s not an effective way to approach branding.

In order to effectively brand your business you must start with who you are. What can you do and can’t you do? Start by taking a personal inventory.

Your personal inventory should asses your strengths and weaknesses. What are you capable of and what are your limitations? There is no sense in trying to operate outside of your boundaries. That’s a sure way to fail. But you must also make sure that you don’t sell yourself short and assess yourself properly. Don’t overestimate your strengths or underestimate your weaknesses. What kind of clientele do you hope to attract?

Branding requires a stong analysis of yourself and your business. If you have other people working with you then be honest about them as well as yourself. Assess the entire business and create a strength/weakness report. Then decide on what you want to be after you have assessed the organization properly. Begin with who you are.